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  “We believe in building a brighter future. With ambitious challenges and goals. For making contributions to more advanced society.”


New development of Reagents change our future


When someone hears "chemical," perhaps he or she associates it with negative connotations such as environmental destruction, contamination and human health hazards. Yet we tend to undermine the importance of chemicals, which are indispensable for our current affluent way of modern life.


Chemicals play essential roles in our everyday lives, in medicine and in the world of the information technology with mobile phones and personal computers constantly evolving.


There have also been negative consequences due to the widespread usage of chemical agents.


However, chemistry also plays an important role resolving environmental issues including the removal of hazardous materials, contamination inspection, nature-recovery projects and sustainable global environmental activities.


This is especially notable in the usage of reagents, a field in which Kanto Chemical has been engaged for over a half century.


Evolution of reagents goes back to the late 18th century during the Industrial Revolution in England. From manufacturers to factories driven by machines, production systems overtook obsolete manufacturing processes. Mass production system started to take off, driving further growth of analysis and research activities.


Reagents, as keystones of chemicals, started to become absolutely essential substances for industrial advances.


On the path to further progress, requirements for new reagents began to appear, by bringing more progressive reagent development.


As research and development of reagents became more active, highly sophisticated technology became a reality. As fruits of the developments, new products were born that in turn brought about further needs for more progressive products.


Kanto Chemical has answered these calls, and we have succeeded in contributing to the creation of modern life through our new products.


Unchanged to this day, Kanto is involved in various research activities with private companies and research organizations.


The development of a single reagent sometimes has the possibility to change the entire world.


Kanto is also proud to have numerous different types of reagents with an unlimited number of possible chemical compounds that, in turn, support the growth of new technologies, drastic reductions in production processes, and the rationalization of production processes leading to easier product launches.


In the area of medicine, reagents are assisting medical professionals with more convenient testing that eliminates pain and suffering.


Reagents can also make a difference in the prevention and early detection of serious illness.


In all of these activities we are dedicated to responding to social needs through our research capabilities.


Kanto Chemical believes in the dynamic and unlimited possibilities of chemicals, we experience them everyday, and we hold high aspirations for future growth over the years to come.






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