To support industry, to protect the safety of our lives - Kanto Chemical's reagents contribute to making a better future

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Reagents are indispensable substances widely used in various testing and research fields. They are appreciated by academic institutions and across a wide range of industries for the roles they play in developing innovative technologies and products. Furthermore, reagents contribute to more efficient manufacturing process operations and quality management.


Reagents are keeping our life safer.


Our way of life has dramatically changed in the last decade. Regulatory efforts have made strong headway in stipulating the usage of dangerous chemicals. On the other hand, a new revelation for negative affects has surfaced for a number of chemical substances that we had relied for the safety.


Various types of new chemical compounds have emerged in the forms of functional chemicals and pharmaceutical agents. Genetically engineered products have been widely commercialized. Those are just handful examples of totally new types of advanced technology that we see today.


Kanto Chemical's reagents have been widely used in detecting and checking unidentified chemical substances and in the quality evaluation of related products.


Since the inception of the company, Kanto Chemical has been a leading manufacturer of comprehensive reagents products to meet industry needs. We will continue to remain a leader in the manufacture of reagents and in supplying peripheral facilities, environmentally compatible devices and equipment as a total solution provider.


The reagents market is expected to become further compartmentalized in application areas with higher demands for quality and functionality.


Kanto Chemical is ready to respond to changing needs and take long-lasting steps toward making reagents more productive for the society.






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