Specialty Chemicals

Performance Chemicals are etchants, resist strippers and cleaning solutions for semiconductors and FPD (Flat Panel Display) to manufacture. Kanto Chemical always makes an effort to the development by using our know-how.


Cleaning Solutions


For Si Wafer

Frontier Cleaner Series Frontier Cleaner series are chemicals to improve and simplify the conventional RCA cleaning process. The chemical of this series greatly contributes to cost reduction because these chemicals are used after dilution.


For Post CMP

CMP-M Series

CMP-M and CMP-B series are Post CMP Cleaning Solution for Cu/low-k.

They are capable of removing metal impurities, particles and organic substances after CMP cleaning without chemical attack on Cu and low-k.

CMP-B Series


For Ru



For OLED Material

OEL Clean Series

OEL Clean series enables you to easily remove organic EL material on the mask applied to low molecular organic EL deposition process.

This series also bring out high performance when cleaning inner parts of deposition equipment.



Post Ashing Residue Removers


For Cu/low-k Process

DeerClean-LK Series DeerClean-LK series are polymer remover highly recommendable for the single wafer cleaning method. They are capable of removing sidewall polymers within short time under low temperature after ashing without chemical attack on Cuand Low-k film.


For AI Process

DeerClean-SA Series DeerClean-SA series are polymer remover that is highly recommendable for the single wafer cleaning method. They are very effective in removing polymers under low temperature within short time.
[For Single wafer process]
JELK Series JELK series are polymer remover highly recommendable for batch cleaning method. They are hydroxylamine free and capable of removing performance of organic substances & metal residues.
[For Batch process]
SWPR Series [For Batch process]



Resist Strippers


For Positive Photoresist

KP-301 For Cu line
KP-401AG For Ag line





For Positive Photoresist

TMK Series  
TMA Series  



Silicone Resin Solubilizer


KSR series are able to remove silicone resin easily. It has no chemical attack on various substrate such as metals, glasses, ceramics, glass epoxies, and etc.

KSR-1 For general use
KSR-2 For high hardness



High Purity Potassium Hydroxide aq. Solution


KANTO improved the qualities of the raw material, parts for manufacturing process and purification process to decrease metal impurities and particles in potassium hydroxide solution.




Aqueous Sodium Hydroxide Inhibits Metal Adsorption


NaOH-CX is special blend of Aqueous Sodium Hydroxide with chelating agents which is capable of inhibiting Fe, Ni and Cu impurities adsorption on the Si wafer during cleaning and etching process.






For Stacked Film

KSMF Series KSMF series are capable of etching stacked metal film, which is made up of Al, Mo, Ti, etc., at the same time in the process of forming electrode of FPD.


For Cu

Cu Series Cu series are etchant for Cu film effective in fine patterning in the process of forming Cu wiring of FPD.


For Ag

SEA Series SEA series are etchant for Ag film effective in fine patterning in the process of forming Ag wiring and reflecting electrode of LCD and OLED.


For Au

AURUM Series AURUM series are etchant for Au and Pd that have high wetness performance to create excellent pattern in the process of forming bump and wiring.


For Transparent Conductive Film

ITO Series ITO series are etchant for ITO and IZO film effective in fine patterning in the process of forming picture electrode.


For Cr

Etchant for Cr  


Please feel free to contact us for information on "Other" etchants.

For Al, Mo, Ta, Ti, W, Si, SiO2, GaAs, etc.


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