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To support life; to introduce new types of diagnostic reagents


The enzyme measurement kit used in the diagnosis of cardiac infarction and the measurement kit for the enzyme indicator of alcohol-induced liver dysfunction are just a few examples of the widespread applications of reagents. An additional life science application is the bacteria testing culture used to detect O157. These, and other Kanto Chemical life science products, have been recognized amongst leading medical institutions and research organizations and have obtained a large share of the market.


We also enjoy strong support for reagents derived from humans, used as samples for external diagnosis. Among such products, our blood enzyme level measurement product has gained a substantial market share and received high recognition in the industry.


In innovative areas of research in gene science, protein and cell study, Kanto's biological reagents are playing important role.


Our life science products have made important contributions to the early detection and diagnosis of illness as well as to sustaining a healthy lifestyle.


For instance, Kanto Chemical's technology has been utilized in identifying and detecting of bacteria in foods as means of using cultures and genetic chips.


Such sophisticated detection methods make an important contribution to ensure food safety, which is an increasingly important issue today.


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