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In responding to calls for new compounds having the undiscovered functions


Kanto Chemical has developed and manufactured various types of reagents that are used for producing unlimited types of chemical compounds. We see great value and opportunity in exploring the possibilities in transforming reagents into function materials.


Therefore, we have a keen interest in identifying new requirements and acquiring new materials in the process of product development in the pursuit of new types of functional compounds.


Highly functional and physiologically sound food additives, active pharmaceutical ingredients and organic metal compound instrumental for developing new technologies are just a handful of examples of proprietary compounds that we offer.


With steady progress in technical innovation and new quality product launches, we will remain focused on supplying functional compounds that satisfy customers' needs.


At the same time, we continue to develop value added highly functional materials for our own use. These materials can help to produce innovative new products such as solutions for vehicle emission gases.


Kanto is looking for ways to solve social and technical issues by leveraging our technology product development skills.


Reagents are transforming substances that serve to facilitate new product development. Kanto stands firm in engaging in innovative research and technology with sophisticated equipment compliant with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.


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