Automatic Chemical Dispense System

Since 1979 when Kanto Chemical newly created automatic Chemical Dispense System (CDS) for the semiconductor manufacturing process named S-wagon, Kanto has been vended CDS more than 1600 until today. Being a provider for both chemicals and systems, we always rise to the challenge of providing more advanced hardware to secure the chemical quality in a safe environment.




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Automatic Chemical Dispense System


The Chemical Dispense System transfers chemicals to specified use points safely without contamination. We tailor this system in accordance with chemical characters or their consumption amounts for customers.


Product Forecasted Consumption Container
S-wagon Max. 1,500L/M 15L pressure container,
18L pressure container
LS-100, LS-200 1,500 to 10,000L/M 100L pressure container,
200L non-pressure container
Fixed-type Min. 2,000L/M 1M3 container, tank truck,




Dilution / Blending System


Our Automatic Chemical Dilution and Blending System can adjust concentration of chemicals to the values required by customers very accurately. It is applicable to wide range of chemicals such as developer, hydrofluoric acid, ammonia water, etchant and mix-acid, etc.




Measuring of chemicals and DI water is accomplished by load cell or flow meter accurately and they are mixed in blend tank or inline mixer.


After mixing, concentration is checked. In case of concentration failure, concentrates or DI water is added for the compensation.


Dilution and Blending System supplies optimized chemical to the use point through storage tanks, etc.



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